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Here are some links to web sites digiSET has created and maintains.

In some cases we are working to the client’s design, in other cases we are given a free hand with both design and content.

Our most recent web site is for Homestead Farm near Ormskirk. It is nice to be able to say that we were recommended to them by their near neighbours at Windmill Animal Farm who's site we took over some years ago and have developed from a much smaller site which did not work on Apple’s iPhones and iPads to a site which is fully compatible with Apple iOS portable devices.

Homestead Farm are in the process of relaunching their facilities as Swallow Barn Function Suite. As a result of this change in direction they have recently closed their farm shop and licensed restaurant.
Kath Hextall (née Walker) is a well respected illustrator who has a thriving business as an illustrator and cartoonist.
Terry O’Toole teaches art in three locations in Lancashire and has been a freelance art teacher for over ten years.
Transitional Plus Care provide care services for teenagers to local councils.
Warren Smith is a freelance photographer who works mainly for press agencies, national newspapers, and popular magazines.
Windmill Animal Farm have over sixty acres of land with superb facilities open to the public as a great destination for families with young children.